About This Blog

God is my Living Water, forming and shaping me with Himself.  The rock that is my life is transformed and molded by His constant trickle, or His pounding tide, or his steady flow. The process is deliberate and powerful.  Often so slow and hard to detect in the day-to-day.  And yet beautiful.

As a child of God, I know that I'm a continual work in progress.  He loves me more than I can imagine, is ever-patient with me in my failures, and celebrates with me in my successes.  That's exactly how I want to be in my relationships.

In His great love, he never leaves me or forsakes me.  He challenges me and disciples me.  He uses every situation to grow me into His likeness.

To me, this is much like the process of water on a rock.  Whether the slow flow of a winding stream running over the earth's gravel below it or the gushing ocean waves crashing into mountain-size boulders, the water is doing it's work.  It is forming new grooves and fresh furrows in the rock.  It often takes a long time or hard pressure. But because the work is beautiful and necessary, I want the stream of His love and grace flow continually. May you feel His fresh spray upon you, as well.